Katherine Peinhardt

Vienna: City of Breakfast and Beer

Katherine Peinhardt
Vienna: City of Breakfast and Beer

Add: One of the most memorable breakfasts of my life.

Gently stir in one quirky lunch fueled by a chilly day Museum-hopping.

Yield: Our day (and a half) in Wien, a side trip from our time in Budapest.

Having arrived late at night, just in time to see "Ariadne auf Naxos" at the Vienna State Opera, due to some unforeseen train difficulties (Hungarian is hard), we were ready for some serious Austrian food tourism.

After leaving our beautiful hotel room, that really felt more like someone's apartment (chandelier and sitting room included), we started off the day at Café Mozart. I ordered a traditional Viennese breakfast, with a soft-boiled egg, apricot marmalade, local bread, and of course, a classic Vienna Kaffee.

The atmosphere was beautifully old-fashioned, and I got the chance to flex my rusty German skills while ordering -- the server humored me and avoiding slipping into English, when possible.

The coffee, in particular, was excellent. It's famous in Vienna for a reason!

After this, we visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum), and saw a whole lot of classics all in one place; Titian, Pieter der Ältere (Peter the Elder), Goya, and many more were on display, as well as an exhibit called "Feste Feiern," about parties and gatherings. The display of the well-renowned Arcimboldo paintings of faces made out of foods, among other seasonal symbols, was particularly front-of-mind as we moved on...

After this, we had our stomachs grumbling, and wanted to get in from the chill outside. We headed over to burg.ring1, a cozy spot nearby to the museum.

We nestled in, ordered some Gösser beers, and got settled for a good lunch.

We ordered two plates to split, the first being Crêpes mit Spinat, Schafskäse & Tomate, or crepes with spinach, sheep cheese, and tomato. This was excellent and perfectly warming after coming from the windy, gray (though still beautiful) day outside.

We also ordered a Quiche mit Bregenzerwald Bergkäse, Schalotten, und Speck; a quiche with Austrian regional cheese, shallot, and bacon.

We don't kid around with comfort food.

Then, we had only a few hours left on our trip, before heading back to Budapest. We had two things on our mind, and they are as follows:

Sachertorte, which is an apricot-chocolate cake very typical of Vienna.


Kaiserschmarrn, which are fried pancakes, here "mit Rosinen und Apfelmus" which is to say, with raisins and applesauce. I accompanied this with the typical Viennese espresso and foamed milk drink, known as the "Melange."

The desolation of the table post-feast was glorious. A great end to the day, in a city that I hope to see again in the not-so-distant future.

A Helmut Berger quote, from our menu, to end the day:

"Wenn ich jetzt sage, ich freue mich auf Kirschen, kann es sein, dass ich morgen, wenn ich kirschen sehe, lieber pfirsiche mag."

In other words; "If I say now, that I look forward to cherries, it may be that tomorrow when I see cherries, I would prefer peaches."

What a quote.