Capellini and Lemon-Thyme Mushrooms with Zucchini

Capellini and Lemon-Thyme Mushrooms with Zucchini

On a continuation of this mostly plant-based shift, I thought we should have some pasta options. Enter Nigella Lawson, with her flawless recipe, for which I changed the pasta type from linguine to capellini, and omitted the Parmesan. Voila, a plant-based dinner (except for the added olive oil)!

The recipe from Nigella is simple, truly a Mediterranean formula for a refreshing meal. Another tweak that I made was that I had Portobello mushrooms and Elephant Garlic on hand, a slight change from the varieties listed in the recipe.

Elephant Garlic is huge, which makes for less peeling of individual cloves -- always a plus, in my eyes. One huge clove to rule them all.

I picked the thyme from my struggling kitchen plant. I seriously love plants, and probably keep too many of them around, but herbs are just not my forté. Give me a jade plant or an orchid, and you can generally expect success, but a cute little pot of rosemary? Outlook is grim; use it while it's still green and happy.

This recipe turned out to be a highly adaptable foundation, with a nice kick of umami from the sautéed mushrooms and some delicate herbal notes from the thyme. Maybe in the spring, I'll do it again with some tender asparagus stalks or scallions. But I can assure you that any iteration of this particular recipe base will always have a lot of garlic, and a good squeeze of lemon.