Curried Noodles and Snow Peas

Curried Noodles and Snow Peas

After making a new recipe recently, I found myself in possession of quite a lot of rice noodles. After doing some exploring into some plant-based options for ways to use up my fortunate stockpile, I came across a great recipe for Vegan Singapore Noodles. 

So, I got to work.

I prepared the noodles, and got started on the sauce, blending tamari, coconut palm sugar, lime juice, and a whole bunch of garlic. I doubled the recipe for the sauce, because I wanted to marinate some extra-firm tofu, to pan-fry and add to the recipe to add a bit of protein.

The sauce is perfect in this recipe. It's salty, sweet, and a little bit tangy from the lime juice. The flavor clings nicely to the tofu, which I let soak in the sauce for a little while before crisping up to a golden brown on the stove. Alternatively, I could've baked the pieces in the oven, perhaps with a bit of cornstarch to make the edges extra crunchy. Alas, I did not plan ahead enough to accommodate 30-40 minutes of tofu roasting...

All the same, the tofu was sweet-salty and pretty much perfect.

Then, I began to sauté the vegetables, bringing out the color in the bell peppers and onions, and letting them brown a little bit, before adding in some snow peas, tamari, and some curry powder.

After letting these blend and brighten a bit in the pan, I added more curry powder, some sesame oil (which I've become very fond of for stir fries over the last two years), the sauce, and the noodles. 

This was a great plant-based meal, with a lot of umami flavor to it, that is sometimes lacking in vegan and vegetarian dishes.

This recipe could also be customized with different types of curry powders and pastes, and could certainly be customized with different vegetables. We have one non-onion-lover in this house, so maybe next time we'll minimize the onion and add some broccoli when the snow peas are added in, to get nice and glazed.

I may use this sauce recipe for marinades in the future -- it's got pretty much all the flavors I've been trying to get in a tofu glaze for months now. I've tried different combinations of sweet and salty, trying miso paste and ginger and all manner of different oils and spices. Nothing's come close to this one, yet. 

Pantry experiment: Successful! 

No one can say no to some good noodles.